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Professional liability and capital assets insurance

Plenty of competence and expert knowledge are prerequisites for our member’s work. Yet new and changing regulations mean that they are exposed to a higher professional liability risk.



In partnership with AXA Winterthur

In order to better protect our members, the recently updated statutes now require that all members possess professional liability insurance. Meanwhile, we have signed a framework agreement with AXA Winterthur, one of the leading professional liability insurance companies.


The framework agreement covers all the associations belonging to SVIT Switzerland (sections and chambers). All members of these associations who are resident in Switzerland can take out professional liability insurance with AXA Winterthur and enjoy the terms and conditions laid out in the framework agreement and the relevant General Terms and Conditions.


Based on the framework agreement, AXA Winterthur offers individual policies to members of SVIT Switzerland. Applications for these policies can be made through any branch of AXA Winterthur or any insurance broker who is recognised by AXA Winterthur.


Note that SVIT requires members to have capital asset damage liability coverage of at least CHF 1 million. If AXA Winterthur approves the application they will complete the policy and return it to the member. According to the current premium tables AXA Winterthur offers SVIT members a 10% discount on the premium for the basic risk. Unfortunately, the deal is not retrospective, so older policies do not benefit from the discount.


Discounts offered to different organisations cannot be cumulated. (e.g. discounts for members of the Fiduciary Chamber or the Swiss Association of Fiduciary Agents).



Further information is available from the SVIT office (Tel. 044 434 78 88) or from AXA Winterthur (Tel. 0800 809 809) or any AXA Winterthur sales office.